Enhancing a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Phil and Debra, the owners of the Baron at Bucknell, a country inn located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Shropshire. Commissioned us to design and build a natural swimming pool, that would allow their guests to swim in a chemical-free pool, whilst integrating with the rustic landscape.

We designed and built a 10m x 5m natural swimming pool, which is 2 metres deep. The pool looks like a natural oasis, where guests swim in pristine crystal-clear water. The pool is filtered by plants, micro-organisms, and a market-leading Inspired by Water filtration system. Separated from the swimming area is a 50m2 regeneration area, where impurities are absorbed by plants as nutrients and harmful bacteria are destroyed, by natural water organisms.

Surrounded by the rolling Shropshire Hills – the site of well-known landmarks including Long Mynd, Wenlock Edge, The Wrekin and the Clee – the Baron at Bucknell is a traditional free house country Inn considered one of the finest, near Ludlow in England. To book a stay or find out more look on tripadvisor.

The Baron at Bucknell has been awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. To see some of the glowing reviews and guests photos on Trip Advisor click here.

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